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What Makes Kobe Beef So Good

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In the Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, some of the bestcattle are being cared for and being prepared for market.  The Wagyu cattle from this region are thesupply for something that is known as Kobe steaks.  These steaks can be found insome of the best restaurants throughout Japan. They command a premium price at these restaurants and despite the high price,the demand is still strong.  Why arepeople willing to pay such a high price for a steak when there are other lessexpensive options available? 
One of the reasons that it is so prized is that it is difficult tofind true Kobe beef outside Japan.  There are manyrestrictions that make it difficult to export. If you can find the real Kobe beef, you will pay a price for it.  The good thing is that the taste that comesfrom the beef is usually worth whatever price you have to pay.
The Wagyu cattle are bred to be tastier than regular beefcattle.  They are fed a special grassdiet and are massaged daily to help keep their muscles soft andrelaxed.  The cattle do not get a lot ofexercise, which also inhibits the growth of muscle tissue.  What is left in these cattle is meat that istender and has the right mixture of tasty fat and meat.  The white streaks that go through the meatare known as marbling and that is what adds the flavor that makes Kobe beefworthwhile.  When the steaks are cookedproperly, they are a melt in the mouth experience.
If you search online, you will find many retailers that say they areselling Kobe beef.  Before you buy these steaks for sale online, read theinformation carefully.  They will oftenbe called Kobe-style beef or Wagyu beef. These steaks come from the same type of cattle that are used in theHyogo Prefecture, but they are not raised in Japan.  The meat from these cattle is similar to thereal Kobe beef, but they are not exactly the same.  When you are looking at the online retailers, keepthis in mind.
The good thing is that although it might be Kobe-style or Wagyubeef, the price is lower than the real Kobe beef.  When you order it online, you can get a steakfor a reasonable price and can actually buy enough for the whole family to havetheir own steak.  Ifyou have never had the chance to try this cut of steak, find an online retailerand get your Kobe steaks.

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