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Connecticut Ranked As Having 4th Toughest State Gun Laws: Summary Of Connecticut Gun Laws

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Posted by Milton Recht:

From The Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence, "Connecticut State Law Summary:"
[T]he Law Center [To Prevent Gun Violence] ranked each state based on a review of state laws in 29 different firearms-related policy areas. Connecticut ranked 4th out of 50 – having enacted some of the strongest gun violence prevention laws. Among other things, Connecticut:
  • Requires a background check prior to the transfer of a handgun between individuals other than licensed firearms dealers;
  • Requires a background check for all firearm transfers at gun shows (but not for private transfers of long guns elsewhere);
  • Requires handgun dealers to obtain a license, and handgun purchasers to first obtain an eligibility certificate;
  • Prohibits the transfer or possession of assault weapons and certain 50 caliber rifles, but not large capacity ammunition magazines;
  • Imposes a two-week waiting period on long gun transfers from licensed dealers;
  • Acts as a “point of contact” state, conducting its own background checks, rather than relying on the FBI;
  • Requires the reporting of all individuals prohibited from possessing firearms to the database used for firearm purchaser background checks;
  • Requires firearm owners to report the loss or theft of their firearms;
  • Allows local governments to regulate firearms and ammunition; and
  • Allows local governments discretion to deny a concealed weapons permit.
Connecticut does not, however,
  • Limit the number of firearms that may be purchased at one time;
  • Impose design safety standards or microstamping requirements on handguns; or
  • Regulate ammunition sales.

Source: Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence

Source: Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence

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