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More Cleveland area residents are turning to the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland for support in difficult times

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The Plain Dealer Reports, “The [Hunger] Network casts a wider net these days”, distributing emergency food to 60,000 people throughout Cuyahoga County each month. Children make up almost half of the population served.

The article tells the story of Nisa Park-Bey who was employed as a manager, until two heart attacks left her disabled, as she simultaneously became legal guardian to her nieces. Park-Bey says of the Hunger Network “They help me in so many ways, they give me good, have gotten me a refrigerator and helped me get coats for the kids”.

Michelle Wohlfeiler, Director of special events and marketing coordinator for the Hunger Network described the population the network serves; “There are the chronically poor and people who are disabled, and seniors who can’t get by, but increasingly, we are seeing the unemployed and underpaid who need us for a shorter period, just to get through the difficult times”.

To read the entire article click here: http://www.cleveland.com/holidays/blog/index.ssf/2011/12/holiday_spirit_agencies_that_d.html

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