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Steak Recipes - Cooking Tips for the Best Steak Dishes

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Though it is generally agreed that steak is a meal that is highly nutritious and delicious, different people want their steaks prepared in different ways. Some may want it fried; others may want it grilled, while others may want it broiled. Whichever method of cooking you prefer, you can always make the best steak dishes if you have the right meat and know how to grill steak or cook steak properly.

There are various beef cuts that you can use to make different steak recipes. There are actually many beef grades that you can use for cooking the best steak dishes. The beef can be graded depending on what the cow was fed on. The first step is thus choosing the beef that you prefer most. Some of the choices include filet, scotch filet, rump, porterhouse and T-bone. The grading of the beef is, in most cases, dependent on the maturity and the marbling of the meat.

Which one is better, the grass fed or the grain fed cow? People differ on which one is superior to the other. On the one hand, expert opinion tends to show that the beef from grass fed cows is the healthiest, as grass is the most natural and recommended food for the cow. On the other hand, the meat of a cow that is fed on grains has more flavor and marbling. Based on these facts, it is up to you to choose the beef from grain fed or grass fed beef, based on your preferences and interests.

The maturity of meat is yet another important thing to consider. It is recommended that you buy meat from a butcher that hangs his meat for a long period of time. The meat should most preferably be hung in a meat locker for about 27 days before it is carved. The long period of hanging helps tenderize the meat because the tissues and muscles become relaxed and fluids drain out.

Porterhouse and rump steak cuts are firmer. The rump is chewier compared to all other steaks. These steaks have a fat strip and it is this fat that helps tenderize and flavor the steak during the cooking process. Scotch filet is well marbled with fat and because of this marbling it is tender and delicious. If you need the tenderest beef, you should choose filet, but you need to season it in order to give it the desired flavor. The T-bone steak has both porterhouse and filet on either side of the bone.

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