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Pack Flavor into School Lunches

Include Colman’s in Their Brown Bag for Lunches No Kid Will Trade Away

For most moms,one of the biggest challenges is getting kids to eat healthy, well-balancedmeals. Since the invention of cupcakes and candy, this has been no easy task.This school year, call on an ally and make lunch irresistible with a dollop orpinch of Colman’s Mustard for a flavorful lunch no kid would dare trade away.
Picky eaters, we know them. We’ve used all thetricks in the book. So now it’s time to get back to basics: yummy flavorswrapped up in healthy food. Colman’s Mustard has been an icon of quality,freshness and that unforgettable spicy zing for over 200 years. Representingthe best of England’sculinary history, Colman’s uses only the finest blend of brown and whitemustard seeds grown locally around the factory in Norwich, England.   
Concernedabout food sensitivities, allergies and preservatives? Colman’s PreparedMustard and Dry Mustard Powder, contain no dyes, chemicals or preservatives–just 100% pure and irresistible taste. And Colman’s mustardcarries the Royal Warrant, bestowed by Queen Victoria back in 1866, bringing tothe kitchen a pledge of top-quality mustard that has been a favorite of theRoyals for centuries.   With Colman’s Mustard just a small amount addsa delicious depth and flavor to any weekday lunch or meal.
Colman’s Prepared MustardPure and natural zest makes Colman’s PreparedMustard robust and truly gourmet. Fire up their taste buds and add a dollop totuna salad, chicken salad, or veggie slaw. Dice grilled sausage or leftovermeats and drizzle with Colman’s for a taste sensation with delicious,slow-building heat. AddColman’s to a batch of cookies for a sensational treat that will carry them through the afternoon.
Colman’s Dry MustardPowderColman’s Double Superfine Dry Mustard Powderis long-lasting and economical, with an ultra-fine consistency that delivers layers offlavor and maximum kick when added to lunchtime favorites. Add a pinch of the100% pure mustard powder to perk up salad dressing,or whisk into mayonnaise for an unforgettable turkey sandwich that will set theirbrown bag ablaze with flavor every time.
Thisschool year, try this easy and delicious treat and do as the Queen herselfwould - Complete Your Cooking with Colman’s.
With Colman’sEasy Lemon and Mustard Chicken, your family will be so enticed by theexplosion of tangy and spicy flavors that they won’t even realize they aregetting over 50% of their daily value of protein and staying under 0.05 gramsof sugar*. 
Colman’s Easy Lemon and Mustard Chicken
Ingredients6 chicken breasts, boneless and skinless4 T. salted butter3 T. fresh lemon juice3 T. Colman’s Original Prepared Mustard1 tsp. tarragon
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.Place chicken breasts in baking dish. Meltbutter and mix with lemon juice, mustard, and tarragon. Pour over chicken andbake for 45 minutes.Serve with your favorite vegetable, rice orpasta dish.
Serves 6.
Tip: If the lemonjuice, mustard, and tarragon flavor is too spicy for young children, add somehoney to tone down the heat but keep all of the flavor.
Luckily, one jar of irresistible, versatileColman’s Mustard will last you through much more than one chicken dinner. Toensure exceptional flavor in your home-cooked meals, add it to a dressing foryour chicken salad, place a thin coating on your chicken burger, or even use itto make a honey mustard dipping sauce for your chicken skewers into. Foradditional recipes and suggested uses, you can visit www.colmansusa.com.

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