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Where Are You Headed, Backpacker?

Backpacking is one of the most fun and exciting ways to see the world. It’s an escape from the busy and noisy urban life to days of solitude, refreshing your soul.

Mother Earth has painted this planet with so many beautiful and breathtaking sights. Your options of where to go are limitless. You can’t possibly visit all these places, but you can ensure that you make a few unforgettable trips. So, what’s your destination plan for your backpacking trip?Before you get those legs moving, it is helpful to plan a route first. Think of all the places you are dying to visit. You can also use Google to find sites that would excite you as an adventurer. Once you have a list of all the interesting places you want to visit, narrow your list down by determining the weather patterns. Bad and ugly weather should be avoided during your backpacking adventure. If time is all in your hands, travel without purchasing a return ticket.

What if you only have weeks and not months for a backpacking experience? Make sure you put more effort into your plan. When you are working with a tight schedule, you must ensure you plan your trip to fancy all of your desires. Pick no more than four destinations—that’s the ideal number. Say, you spend a week exploring each destination. If you feel like you really have not had enough time to embrace the full experience, stay longer. You can also move faster. After all, staying too long in one place can become boring. You can travel fast, yet still see all of the destinations on your list.

When planning your itinerary, a good question to ask yourself is “why,” even though you don’t necessarily need a specific purpose to go backpacking. Planning your itinerary around the question “why” will give your trip some focus. Here’s a warning: Make sure you plan your trip around your own desires rather than the opinions of your friends. It is always best to discover things yourself. Pack a guidebook with you. Getting lost can make your backpacking escapade more interesting, but being lost for too long can drain your pocket and may not bring you back home. Safety always matters most wherever you go. Before you start, take advice from others who have visited such places to learn the potential troubles and dangers you may encounter while on the way. This information is quite helpful in preparing you for the trip, either psychologically or in gears needed.

When planning, and even when you’re already on the go, remember one thing: Quality is always better than quantity.

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