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Win FREE COFFEE at McDonald's For A Year!

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Hey, New Englanders! Have you been getting your free coffee fix at McDonald's this week? The Mickey Dees in the Albany and New England areas have been running a promotion, giving out free small coffees to show off how really delicious their Newman's Own Organics coffee is. 
McDonald's Coffee v.1.0
And seriously, it really is excellent. I think I mentioned before how much I used to hate McDonald's coffee. The stuff could peel paint, and it was so nasty that it used to laugh at creamer. You could pour all the half-and-half you wanted into that stuff, but it would never change color. McDonald's coffee used to kill cream the way that puddle of oil killed Tasha Yar in Star Trek: The Next Generation, which really shouldn't be all that surprising: McDonald's was used to selling burgers and Coke, and their coffee was an afterthought, with little quality control save for occasionally remembering to put a filter in the basket before drooling the hot water through.
I'm really happy to say those days are over, though, especially in my neck of the woods. Several years ago, it was like McDonald's had this "coffee epiphany" and decided to do something about their awful java.  The decisions they made went beyond just "let's make better coffee" right up to "let's change the way McDonald's THINKS about coffee," and the result has been a beverage that, for me, beats just about any other takeout coffee out there including Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and yes - even Tim Horton's.
What McDonald's did was turn to Newman's Own Organics and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, two companies which had already buddied up to produce awesome coffee over ten years ago. For the Northeast market, McDonald's wanted a coffee that fit the taste profile that New Englanders prefer, which turns out to be a light-to-medium full-bodied roast, and that is what Newman's Own and Green Mountain delivered.
I don't know exactly when the change happened. What I do remember is going into the local McD's to get Sausage McMuffins With Egg and telling the young lady behind the counter that "no, I wouldn't like a coffee to go with it, I need to go next door to Dunkie's for my coffee because yours is terrible." She dared me to try what she called their New Coffee, and I did...and I was amazed because it was, verily, delicious.
McDonald's is working hard to get the message out about the awesomeness of their joe. This week, for example, they've been giving away small coffees every day at participating locations, and they're going to be continuing that freebie right through Saturday September 29, 2012, which is National Coffee Day.
But that's not all! McDonald's has sent me three punchcards, each good for one FREE cup of coffee every week for a year at McDonald's, and I am passing them along to YOU.
There are rules involved. Check them out:

1. There are three free coffee punch cards, which will be awarded to three different winners.

2. The cards are redeemable only at McDonald's in New England and Albany, NY and are not valid in Fairfield County CT. If you are unable to visit a McDonald's restaurant in that market, please do not enter.

3. To enter, use the Contact Me link at the top of the page to send me an email. The email MUST have the subject line "Free Coffee Giveaway." In the body of the message, send me your name, a valid email address for me to contact you in the event you win,  and a number from 01 to 50.  Your entry will be disqualified if: a) The message is received in any other way than through the Contact Me link; b) Your name is not included; c) My email to you bounces as undeliverable for any reason at all; and/or d) You don't include the number or if the number is out of the specified range. You must be 18 or older to participate. One Entry Per Person.

4. Your email must arrive in my inbox by 10:00:00 AM, Friday, September 28, 2012. Entries not received by then are disqualified regardless of the timestamp on the message itself. I am not responsible for the vagaries of the Internet which might make your message wander around the bitstream like the Ancient Mariner, searching for someone to read it.

5. I have taken the first six digits of the serial number of a randomly-selected five-dollar bill, and divided them into three two-digit numbers. Whichever three entries contain numbers closest to those three on the fin will each win a card. In the event of a tie, the email with the earliest timestamp will be the winner. If a winning entry becomes disqualified (by, say, my Victory Email to you bouncing) an alternate winner will be selected, again by closest number.

6. Winners will be announced in a blog post on Friday, September 28, 2012, at approximately noon. The blog post will also display a scanned image of the five-dollar bill used to determine the winners.

7. Winners will be contacted via email, and the cards will go out via first class mail as soon as I hear back from them with a mailing address.

Ready - set - GO!

Punch card prizes were provided for this giveaway by McDonald's of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.


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