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Combined State And Federal Cell Phone Tax Exceeds 20 Percent In 7 States

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Posted by Milton Recht:

From Tax Foundation, "State and Local Governments Impose Hefty Taxes on Cell Phone Consumers" by Joseph Henchman and Scott Drenkard:

StateState-Local RateCombined Federal-State-Local RateRank
U.S. Simple Average 10.15%15.97% 
U.S. Weighted Average11.36%17.18% 
Source: Scott Mackey, KSE Partners, LLP, based on Methodology from Council on State Taxation, 50-State Study and Report on Telecommunications Taxation, May 2005.
Notes: The federal rate on wireless service is 5.82 percent. D.C. rank given for information purposes only and does not affect other ranks.
Nebraska    18.67%24.49%1
Washington   18.62%24.44%2
New York    17.85%23.67%3
Florida    16.59%22.41%4
Illinois    15.94%21.76%5
Rhode Island   14.68%20.50%6
Missouri    14.29%20.11%7

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