20 Şubat 2013 Çarşamba

Regarding the Sugar Police...

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About that sci-fi story...Hubby found it:  a short story by Michael Stackpole available only as a download on Kindle (available for PCs) or on Calibre.  Either way, it'll cost you $2.00.

It's a story about the "sugar police" enforcing a ban on the illegal substance known today as sugar.

The book this story is from is a collection of the author's first foray into sci-fi writing, and is here. In his later writings, he focused on spinoff stories of Star Wars and Battletek, as well as a few role-playing games.

Hubby originally read this story in another collection of sci-fi short stories, which is now out of print and gone to the wind.  I'm glad Mr. Stackpole was able to resurrect his writings through modern media sources.  It appears he went private and self-published this collection.

Extra credit assignment:  If you choose to read this story, reflect on the coming reality by comparing the story to what Bloomberg's doing in NY with the soda ban.You'll agree with me that sci-fi authors are MILES ahead of any other mere mortal, no matter how intelligent.

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