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Tips on Choosing the Right Grade of Steak

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With so many different types of steak available in the market, a shopper may have a hard time considering what to buy. There are so many marketing campaigns when it comes to the quality of cattle where the steak comes from. And many brands or manufacturers claim to have the steak come from cattle that are fed and bred in different ways. That means you need to take some time to learn about the types of beef and the factors that influence the quality of the meat.

Below are the most well-known types of meat on the market today:
  1. Australian beef: Generally known as beef coming from cattle that are grass-fed because Australia has large green pastures in the local region.
  2. US beef: Natural agriculture methods have been exercised by the U.S. to create beef that has the same quality of Australian beef.
  3. Wagyu beef: Bred in Japan from the famous Tajima cattle. These cattle are grain-fed and given massages and beer to make the meat tender and tasty.
The question to ask now is what or who measures the meat’s quality and how it is determined. For large countries that export this meat, there are quality-assessing organizations and bodies. The grading formulas are based on scientific research and renowned knowledge of experts in the meat industry.

There are some facts to be aware of when buying Wagyu steaks. The same tips also apply when buying prime steaks online.
  1. Marbling: This is the term used to denote how the method of feeding cattle will develop excellent intramuscular fat. Intramuscular fat enables exceptional taste and will make the meat moist and tender.
  2. Grass-fed: Depending on the quality of the weather, consistency of healthy grass and the breed of the cattle, this term can be very broad. This does not indicate a well-marbled steak just because it was bred in a more natural manner.
  3. Grain-fed: This is a much better basis of meat being well-marbled. Through grain feeding, meat can be marbling visibly depending on the time frame.
  4. Breed of the cattle: This plays a very significant part when choosing meat. Be mindful of Angus, Jersey, Wagyu, Hereford or Shorthorn.
Be reminded to never underestimate the opinion of a trusted butcher in your local area. Nothing beats experience. Talk to them about your requests of meat and how you like to cook it so you will find the right steaks for your needs.

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