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Put Your Money Where Your Nose Is---Primal Pit Paste

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From PR Web.  This is a crowd-funded enterprise expansion trying to get off the ground--if you want to make an investment in furthering your lifestyle and others' lifestyles, go and contribute.

"Primal Pit Paste, a safe and effective, all-natural deodorant that actually works, is preparing to build upon their online sales success by introducing their products into national distribution through grocery stores and pharmacies nationwide. In order to fund the manufacturing necessary for the expansion, Primal Pit Paste has launched a crowdfunding project on ClickStartMe.com. 

To view the Primal Pit Paste project, go to http://tinycs.me/64.

After phenomenal success with online sales and a healthy Internet buzz from legions of satisfied customers, Primal Pit Paste realized the need to bring their product to the masses through brick and mortar retail outlets.

“People love Primal Pit Paste because it’s natural, healthy and most importantly, because it really works, unlike many of the other organic deodorants,” creator Amy Cazin said.  “But we keep hearing from our customers that they want to buy Primal Pit Paste at their local grocery store and pharmacy, not just online.”

In order to satisfy this call from their rabid fan base, Primal Pit Paste chose crowdfunding through ClickStartMe.com rather than conventional financing to fuel the necessary expansion.  Cazin explained that crowdfunding allows her company to not only raise the funds needed for the company’s growth but also to create even more online excitement and to add new customers at the same time.

“By using ClickStartMe to raise funds, we get to spread the word about Primal Pit Paste virally online and through social media and to have more people try our products,” Cazin said. “And more importantly, we get to give away some great rewards in exchange for donations. Imagine your name and picture on your own personalized jars of Primal Pit Paste.”

Primal Pit Paste contains no aluminum or parabens, two chemicals linked to diseases from Alzheimer’s disease to cancer. Primal Pit Paste is a mixture of organic coconut oil, organic raw Shea butter, organic arrowroot (to help absorb moisture while allowing you to still perspire and detoxify) and non-aluminum baking soda that kills the bacteria that causes body odor. Primal Pit Paste gives safe and effective odor control with no dangerous chemicals.

Primal Pit Paste is the brainchild of Amy Cazin, a certified CrossFit Trainer for adults and children, who was surprised one day when her grade school daughter came home from school with a noticeable body odor at a young age. After doing research, Cazin found that parents around the country were noticing the same problems at younger and younger ages.  Cazin did not want her daughter spraying or rubbing dangerous chemicals into her body, so she sought to create a solution, which became Primal Pit Paste. And having a name like Primal Pit Paste makes their product memorable, in addition to its proven effectiveness.

“The name Primal Pit Paste came from my primal instinct to protect my daughter from danger,” Cazin said. “And I have to admit, people may love the name or hate it, but they all remember it.”

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