20 Şubat 2013 Çarşamba

UPDATED: I Am Signing Off Now--The Blog Will Remain Up Until April 1, Then It Will Be Deleted

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Go through the posts, the archives, and the stand-alone pages at the top, and copy what you want to keep for yourself--it won't be back.  I may be back sometime later on, but I won't be returning here, and I won't be bringing any of this material with me.

It's been a wild seven years, but now I have to go.  My body and my health are calling me.

You may see me around making comments on various articles.

UPDATE:  I've had a reader request for the places I frequented in my search for news to bring you, and here they are--

1.  Google News (I had it customized to include the category headings Health, Paleo, Primal, Caveman, Longevity, Dieting, Nutrition, Physical Exercise, Neanderthal, and Gardening).  Be sure to check the stuff over on the right-hand side of the screen, as well as the stuff in the middle.

2.  HealthDay News

3.  Yahoo Health

Occasionally my husband would find news of interest in his internet travels, and would send them to me.  His usual news search was through FARK.  They have no health-related section, but sometimes something useful would show up on one of the other sections that related to a health issue.

It would usually take me about 3-5 hours each day to find things to post, then go back and find pictures and post any reference links to particular research studies (after tracking down the study in question--sometimes another 30 minutes).  If it takes ME this long just to find stuff to post (and I don't work), imagine what it would take YOU to find it, and you probably don't have spare time to sit in front of this computer just to keep up with the news!!

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