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Tips On Cooking A Satisfying Steak

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Steaks are either made with beef meat, which is often cut perpendicularly to the muscle fiber, or fish meat, which is usually cut perpendicularly to the spine. The most common steak that people enjoy the most is beef steak, either from the most expensive Wagyu beef to the average priced beef. People usually cook their steaks with sauce such as steak with kidney pie. There are also the all-time favorite Salisbury and hamburger steaks, which are covered with a luscious creamy sauce that will make your mouth water just thinking about it. However, it takes a lot of practice to be able to cook a satisfying beef steak. If you have bought your beef steaks online or from the stores and are planning to prepare a delicious beef steak for the weekend, you may want to follow these instructions:

•         Rinse: Before you put the meat on the frying pan, make sure that you rinse it first in cold water then let it cool down at least thirty to sixty minutes after being refrigerated. While it is in a regular room temperature, put some seasoning on it.  Sprinkle some sea salt on it and some pepper over the other side of the meat. Make sure that you rub it well so that the flavoring will be evenly distributed. Once you are finished, turn it over to the other side and do the same thing. 

•         Start Cooking: Use a frying pan or preferably a stainless steel or cast iron pan when cooking your beef steak. Pour a generous amount of cooking oil on the frying pan so that it will not easily dry out. Use medium to medium high heat when heating up the cooking oil. Now don’t throw the steak on too soon.. You have to wait until you see smoke coming out of the cooking oil. The reason is that if you put the meat on it, the meat will stick to the frying pan and you will have a hard time turning the meat over, and you may even risk burning the underside of the meat. However, if you let it smoke, the meat will not stick on the frying pan and you can easily toss it over later. Once you do put the meat on it, you will see and hear it sizzle. Furthermore, the oil helps transfer the heat to the meat which eventually makes the crust of the meat have a better flavor.

•         Check the Underside: After a couple of minutes, turn the meat over and see if the underside of the steak is developing well. Make sure that it has a brown or mahogany look on it. If needed, you can lower down the heat to keep the steak from burning if the development on the underside of the meat is too fast. Once the meat is well seared then it is time to flip it so that you can focus on the other side of the steak. Take note that the duration for the meat to be seared or turn brown depends on how thick your cut is.

•         Check if it is Already Done: You have the option of removing the meat and putting it on aluminum foil so that the heat on the meat will not dissipate. Then, let it rest for around five to 10 minutes. Since it still has heat on it, it will continue to slowly cook. One way of also knowing if the meat is already done is by getting a feel of its surface. You do not necessarily need to cut it to find out if it is done or not. You can even press a fork in it and feel if the meat still has much resistance or if your fork can easily pass through it. A knife will also do. Getting a meat thermometer is also an option.

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