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Colman’s Mustard Wins a Silver Medal in 2012 World-Wide Mustard Competition

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The Iconic English Brand Will Receive the Medal by the National Mustard Museum in October at the Start of 2012’s Grand Mustard Tour
Colman’s Mustard is proud to announce that it recently received the Silver Medal in the Original Hot category of the World Mustard Tasting Awards hosted by the National Mustard Museum. The iconic English mustard competed against 300 other mustards for the honor, winning over the judges with its famous fiery heat.
The Silver Medal will be presented in October in Colman’s home town of Norwich right in time to kick off the National Mustard Museum’s 2012 Grand Mustard Tour of Europe.
The 12 day 2012 Grand Mustard Tour of Europe takes 26 lucky mustard aficionados throughout Europe to a variety of mustard landmarks from Norwich to London and even through France.
For those not lucky enough to embark on the condiment-tasting adventure, Colman’s iconic and award-winning mustard can be purchased at major grocery stores and specialty food stores throughout the US. Widely known as England’s #1 mustard, just a dash of Colman’s in mashed potatoes, a classic meatloaf, or just about anything is all it takes to turn an ordinary meal into a spicy and irresistible dish.
With the London Olympics just around the corner, there is no better time to try the iconic mustard and see what all the Brits have been raving about for almost 200 years.
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About Colman’sEstablished in 1814, Colman’s of Norwich has been recognized widely as the English mustard in the U.K. Using a unique and zesty blend of brown mustard seeds (Brassica Juncea) and white mustard seeds (Sinapis Alba), Jeremiah Colman created a mustard with a flavorful heat sensation that has become an essential condiment and paramount ingredient in Britain’s favorite recipes, even to the highest royal order. In 1866, Queen Victoria bestowed the ultimate seal of approval—the Royal Warrant—galvanizing Colman’s as the crown jewel of mustards and securing its place in the most discerning kitchens worldwide. Sold as prepared mustard and mustard powder, Colman’s provides a pure, fiery and complex condiment for all your recipes and dishes. Complete Your Cooking With Colman’s. Visit Colman’s of Norwich on the web at www.colmansusa.com. For recipes, extended history and information, please visit www.colmansusa .com. ###

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