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Pass the Mustard, Please!

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Colman’s makes getting in shape easier than ever with gourmet condiments.

Fitness fanslooking to build muscle and get lean in the coming year should reach for themustard. New research from the Federation of American Societies for ExperimentalBiology (FASEB) reveals that a steroid found naturally in the mustard plantincreases muscle mass along with the number and size of muscle fibers.[1]And here’s another health perk: mustard, and especially Colman’s globallytrusted brand (www.ColmansUSA.com), canbe infused into any type of cuisine to help you cut calories without having toskimp on flavor.
Colman’s Mustard givesa healthy kick to any meal, providing a slow-building heat that is not overpowering andadds unique layers of flavor to everything from Asiandishes to American favorites. Household chefs and professionals agree that the freshand zesty taste integrates seamlessly into dressings, soups, stews, marinades,sauces and desserts, without adding to one’s waistline— the mustard contains amere 10 calories per teaspoon, plus, all varieties are free of artificial dyesor preservatives.
According to CNN Health’s 10Spices and Herbs That Aid Weight Loss, research shows that as little as oneteaspoon of mustard canraise metabolic rates by nearly 25%.[2]With such a versatile mustard as Colman’s, adding just one teaspoon can be assimple as preparing a spicier salad dressing or creating a flavorful honeymustard dipping sauce for fresh vegetables or lean meats.
Colman’s products are made from a blend of
brown (Brassica Juncea) and white (SinapisAlba) mustard seeds that are grown locally in Norwich, England andprocessed at the Carrow factory on the outskirts of Norwich, England. Since itsinception nearly 200 years ago, Colman’s has harvested only the finest mustardseeds with a single-minded focus on the tradition that has made it the spicy mustard in the world’s mostdiscerning households and commercial kitchens. Fact is, every minute of the day, 45 jars of Colman’s Mustard arepurchased all over the world.
This year, in setting out on the path to reach those fitness resolutions, takeColman’s Mustard along for the ride. When using this pure, fiery and complexcondiment in recipes and dishes
, find savoringa whole new world of flavors without feeling an ounce of guilt. Now that’ssomething to toast.
Colman’s Prepared MustardPure and natural zest makes Colman’s PreparedMustard robust and truly gourmet. A dollop added to tuna salad, mashed potatoesor whisked into olive oil and drizzled over grilled veggies gives a fiery kickto ordinary creations.  Colman’s PreparedMustardis truly gourmet and at the ready to add smoldering heat to any dish. Asalways, Colman’s contains no dyes, chemicals and preservatives – just 100%pure, irresistible tastiness.
Colman’s Dry MustardPowderColman’s Double Superfine Dry Mustard Powderis long-lasting and economical, with an ultra-fine consistency that delivers layers offlavor and maximum kick when added to mealtime and grilling favorites. A pinchof the 100% pure mustard powder perks upsalad dressing, sauces and meat rubs, for smoldering flavor every time.

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