14 Kasım 2012 Çarşamba

Fundraising Tips 4.14.11

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Raising money for the Walk for Hunger is fun and easy to do! Here are a few tips. Set a fundraising goal. Make a goal chart and set it up at your school, office or church. It's all about networking! Social networking that is. Facebook and Twitter are great ways to let everybody know about your fundraising goals. Post a link to your team's personal fundraising page and encourage people to help you reach your goal! Take a break! Fundraising at work doesn't have to be another donut sale in the break room. Majestic Steel's team is organizing a "Soup"er Bowl Wii Tournament. A bracket-style tournament with 50% of the proceeds donated to the Walk for Hunger, and the other half goes to the best bowler of the bunch! Also, check to see if your company offers matching donations! Another way to raise money is to sell Hunger Network Apples. For only $1 your friends, family, and co-workers can show their support in the fight against hunger by purchasing a Hunger Network Apple. E-mail Michelle at the office, or give her a call at (216)619-8155 ext 18 to learn how to get Hunger Network Apples.

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