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Community Support

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Posted- July 7, 2011

Over the last few months the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland has continued to receive support through community fundraisers and events. The Hunger Network truly appreciates their support.

They've Done it Again... Bay Presbyterian Surpasses Goal!
At the May board meeting, Rev. Dan Edgerly presented a $43,200 check to Executive Director Dana Irribarren. For the last 15 years, Bay Presbyterian Church has raised money to purchase poultry for Hunger Network clients and puts forth a challenge to use to match their efforts. This remarkable congregation provides the centerpiece for thousands of Hunger Network client's holiday meal. Over the years Bay Presbyterian Church has single handedly raise well over half a million dollars to purchase the poultry which has been matched by the Hunger Network. The Hunger Network is extremely grateful to BPS for their continued support.

Shut Out Hunger- February 2011
Majestic Steel USA partnered with the Lake Erie Monsters to present Shut Out Hunger to benefit the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland. During February Monster's home games, Majestic Steel volunteers collected non-perishable food from fans as the enter The Q. Over 1,500 food items were collected throughout the campaign. This second year effort was a huge success. The Hunger Network thanks Majestic Steel, Lake Erie Monsters and all who participated.

Young Association of Comedians make a debut at SHS- May 5, 2011
Some students enjoy throwing a football or playing an instrument, but Solon High School recently made a new activity available-- stand-up comedy. Students may participate by joining the Young Association of Comedians, also known as YAC.

"The opportunity finally presented itself to create the club at the beginning of this school year," said president, founder and senior, Zach Davidson.

"I've always been interested in stand-up comedy." Zach said. "I think there's so much great material in the high school, [such as] the cliques [and] awkward situations."

Using the material that they find at school, members can share their original jokes with the rest of the group and get feedback during meetings. They ultimately rehearsed their materials for a charity event at the end of the school year called 'Ha Ha's for Hunger.'

Their first event held on May 5, 2011, raised $1,000 for the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland. Zach said, "we chose this organization because we realize the importance of helping those who are in need [and] because of the recent financial crisis, [the] city of Cleveland has been hit hard, and many are hurting and in need of a helping hand and a meal."

Feed the Children- June 14, 2011
On June 14th, the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland partnered with the international organization, Feed the Children, to distribute food and essentials to 400 pre-identified low-income families on the south east side of the city of Cleveland. Each family received a box of food, a box of personal items and a box of Avon products. The boxes are designed to help supplement a family of four for up to one week. This distribution is part of the Feed the Children's Americans Feed Americans Caravan program.

Legacy Village and V107.3FM
We thank Legacy Village and V107.3FM for their generous donation as part of the "A Cause to Decorate" fundraising event.

Empty Bowls
We thank Hathaway Brown Middle School for holding their annual Empty Bows fundraiser. Hathaway Brown families were invited for a light meal of soup and bread while listening to a program about the issues of hunger. $1052 was raised and donated to the Hunger Network.

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