23 Kasım 2012 Cuma

Shake Your Tail Feathers For A Tangy Turkey Day!

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Turn in Thanksgiving Recipes Featuring Colman’s and Win 
There aremany Thanksgiving recipes made year after year which get passed on fromgeneration to generation, but only after families incorporate their own secretingredients into these traditional dishes.  From mashed potatoes to stuffing, Colman’s (www.colmansusa.com) wants those recipesthat embrace the fiery mustard into the family fold!
Colman’s Mustard will be holding a contest to all US residents, “ShakeYour Tail Feathers For A Tangy Turkey Day!” will begin Wednesday, November 14thand end Wednesday, November 28th. During that time US residents over the age of 18 will have theopportunity to submit revered Thanksgiving recipes for a chance to be featured onColman’s Facebook, Twitter and Blog and entered to win a Colman’s Mustard Gift Pack.
The Colman’s Mustard Gift Pack will include both Colman’s Dry andPrepared Mustard and the “I Like It Hot!” bright yellow and red Colman’sT-shirt. Recipes can range from gravy to green bean casserole and it caninclude either Colman’s Dry or Prepared Mustard in order to be considered forthe contest.  Recipes can be sent intoColman’s Mustard Facebook (www.facebook.com/colmansusa)or by email to colmansusa@gmail.com.
Turn in your favorite Thanksgiving recipe and may the greatestgourmand win!

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