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America Celebrates Colman’s on National Mustard Day

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Discover Colman’s Fresh and Fiery Taste Sensation on August 4th
On August 4th,break mustard out of the pantry and discover its many uses beyond the everydayhot dog. Choose from Colman’s PreparedMustard or Colman’s Double SuperfineDry Mustard Powder (www.colmansusa.com), recognized as theultimate ingredient that deepens flavor profiles in just about any recipe. Set taste buds ablazeby adding a dollop of Colman’s PreparedMustard to everything from barbecue sauce and glazes, to crab dip,stir-fry, curry, or creamy mashed potatoes. And add Colman’s Mustard Powder to dry rubs for grilled meats and poultry;whisk a pinch into olive oil to kick-start your grilled veggies, salad dressingor favorite sides. Colman’s purity and natural zest is robust, versatile andtruly gourmet. Celebrate all things mustard this National Mustard Day andComplete Your Cooking with Colman’s.
Mustardhas been America’s favorite condiment for years! That’s what drove the foundersof The Mustard Museum in Middleton, WI to open in 1986. The Mustard Museum isthe official sponsor of National Mustard Day, celebrated on the 1stSaturday in August since 1991. This year, commemorate National Mustard Day with agourmet icon that represents the best of English culinary history. Cheers tothe flavor that comes from the highest-quality blend of brown and white mustardseeds grown and harvested around the Colman’s factory in Norwich, England.Taste the unique zest that earned Colman’s Mustard the esteemed honor of theRoyal Warrant, bestowed by Queen Victoria back in 1866. Colman’s is the onlymustard to hold such high nobility.
Join mustard lovers everywhere and discoverthe undeniably smoldering taste that keeps professional chefs, household cooks,and even royalty coming back for more. Try to make these easy recipes at home:
Colman’sEasy Lemon and Mustard Chicken ·        6chicken breasts, boneless and skinless·        4T. salted butter·        3T. fresh lemon juice·        3T. Colman’s Original Mustard Powder·        1tsp. tarragonPreheatoven to 375 degrees. Place chicken breasts in baking dish. Melt butter and mixwith lemon juice, mustard, and tarragon. Pour over chicken and bake for 45minutes. Serve with your favorite vegetable, rice or pasta dish. Serves 6.Tip: If the lemon juice,mustard, and tarragon flavor is too spicy for young children, add some honey totone down the heat but keep all of the flavor.
Some Like It Hot Grilled CheeseSandwichWhile Colman’s Prepared Mustard can bespread onto or dipped into any grilled cheese sandwich, here is a creativesummer grilled cheese option:1 (3-ounce) Soft Pretzel Roll or 1/2 Dutchcrunch roll)1 teaspoon unsalted butter, softened1/3 cup shredded white cheddar cheese2 teaspoons of Colman’s Original PreparedMustardPreheat frying panover medium-low heat. Prepare roll by spreading butter on outside and Colman’sOriginal Prepared Mustard inside. Once pan is warm, lay roll butter side down,add white cheddar cheese, and then add the remaining roll slice to close thesandwich. Grill both sides until golden brown, approximately 5 minutes perside.
Hot Crab Dip1 lb. lump crab meat (substitute imitation lump crab)½cup mayonnaise6oz.cream cheese, Greek yogurt or labne¼teaspoon garlic salt2tablespoons Colman's Original Prepared Mustard 2tablespoons powdered sugar¼cup dry white wineSaltto tasteHeat all ingredients (except crab meat) toform a sauce. Set aside. Reheat sauce when ready to serve and add crab meat.Serve immediately with crackers or fresh-cut vegetables.
AboutColman’sEstablishedin 1814, Colman’s of Norwich has been recognized widely as the English mustard in the U.K. Using a unique and zesty blend of brownmustard seeds (Brassica Juncea) and white mustard seeds (Sinapis Alba),Jeremiah Colman created a mustard with a flavorful heat sensation that hasbecome an essential condiment and paramount ingredient in Britain’s favoriterecipes, even to the highest royal order. In 1866 Queen Victoria bestowed theultimate seal of approval - the Royal Warrant – galvanizing Colman’s as thecrown jewel of mustards, securing its place in the most discerning kitchensaround the world. Sold as prepared mustard and mustard powder, Colman’sprovides a pure, fiery and complex condiment for all your recipes and dishes.Complete Your Cooking With Colman’s. Visit Colman’s of Norwich on the web at www.colmansusa.com . For recipes,extended history and information please visit www.colmansusa .com. For product samples, press materials, or further information, pleasecontact Leigh-Anne Anderson, Christie Communications, www.christiecomm.com, at805-969-3744, or landerson@christiecomm.com.

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