12 Ekim 2012 Cuma

Wyoming Has The Best, NY Has The Worst State Business Taxes

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From Tax Foundation, "2013 State Business Tax Climate Index: Which States Have the Best Tax Systems for Business?" by Joseph Henchman and Scott Drenkard:
The 10 best states in this year's 2013 Index are Wyoming, South Dakota, Nevada, Alaska, Florida, Washington, New Hampshire, Montana, Texas, and Utah. Many of these states do not have one or more of the major taxes, and thus do not have the associated complexity and distortions.

The 10 lowest ranked, or worst, states in the 2012 Index are Maryland, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Vermont, California, New Jersey, and New York. New York slid past New Jersey for the bottom spot by having the worst individual income tax, the sixth-worst unemployment insurance taxes, and the sixth-worst property taxes.

Source: Tax Foundation

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