13 Ekim 2012 Cumartesi

Free McDonald's Coffee For A Year Punchcard Winners!

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We have three winners in our giveaway for the Free McDonald's Coffee For A Year punch cards. To enter, contestants had to submit a number between 01 and 50; the three earliest entrants with numbers matching or closest to the winning digits would receive a card.
I used a random five-dollar bill to provide the numbers by dividing the first six digits of the serial number into three two-digit pairs. As promised, here is a scan of the bill showing the numbers:You can see the numbers to be matched were 25, 42, and 33. Our winners are:

Jack Dunn, who nailed it with his guess of 42 on the first day for entries
Ruth Hanschka, who guessed 23 (-2 off)
Elizabeth St.Clair, who guessed 27 (+2 off)

Congratulations to all three winners, who are being contacted via email for prize delivery.

THANK YOU to everyone who entered, and to McDonald's of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, who made the prizes available for giveaway.

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