13 Ekim 2012 Cumartesi

Review: Pepperidge Farm Strawberry Banana Swirl Bread

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Maryanne starts every work day with a light breakfast of toast and coffee. Her favorites are flavored breads, like raisin or cinnamon swirl. She saw an ad for Pepperidge Farm's new Swirl Bread and immediately requested that I pick up a loaf on my next trip to the supermarket.
It took a little longer than the very next visit, though, because for at least a couple of weeks, it seemed that every time I got to the store they were sold out of Strawberry Banana bread. Finally, after what seemed like countless shopping trips, I found some in the local ShopRite and took it home to her.
The next morning she opened up the package and an awesomely delicious aroma of strawberries and bananas filled the kitchen. She dropped slices of bread into the toaster with great anticipation.
A few minutes later, she was at the table with her freshly buttered toast, hot and golden, and a cup of coffee. She took a bite of toast and looked...confused.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"This is the Strawberry Banana bread, right?" she said.
"Yeah, why?"
"It doesn't taste like Strawberry Banana.  It doesn't taste like anything but plain old cinnamon swirl bread."
I took a bite and she was right. There was so little fruit flavor in the bread that - as she noted - it might as well have been any ol' swirled flavored bread. Pretty disappointing for four bucks.


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